Cold nights.

I can feel a nip in the air. The long cold nights are coming. It’ll be Christmas before we know it. Bring on the wind, hail, snow and rain. I’m ready for you!

I took this photograph in our log cabin in Lapland 2012

Fuschia Make Up

A couple of weeks ago, I was away with a friend and noticed her fabulous full lashes. I complimented her on them and she recommended,  Juliet in Fuschia Make Up, Swords. Fuschia Make Up is a multi award winning Irish make up company.

So before my holiday to Miami, I booked in with the lovely Juliet to have a full set of individual lashes applied for 15 euro. I thought the price was very reasonable.

The lashes are applied using duo glue and can last up to one week. Although, my friend really looks after her lashes and can get up to two weeks out of them. However they require extra care if you want them to last.

Individual lashes are applied to your own lashes individually, as opposed to the traditional strip lashes which are applied at once, in a strip.

The process only takes about ten to fifteen minutes and instantly transforms your eyes, to create full, natural looking lashes. I was so happy with the job, the very talented Juliet did on my lashes, that I booked in with her to have my brows done the following day.

My individual lashes lasted up to five days. I was swimming in the sea and the swimming pool, but tried my best to avoid the water getting into my eyes. I also had sun factor on my face which was oily. Juliet had informed me not to get any oily product near my eyes, as oil in an adhesive remover, therefore it would remove the eyelash glue. So I thought under the circumstances I did well for them to last that long.

I wouldn’t recommend having them applied for a sun holiday if you plan on getting wet and using sun cream on your face.

I would highly recommend them for any other occasion, weddings, weekends away, birthdays, debs or just a pick me up, because you instantly feel better about your appearance once they’re applied.

I had mentioned earlier, I booked in with Juliet to have my eyebrows shaped and tinted the following day. As she was applying my eyelashes I had enquired about HD brows, Fuschia Make Up don’t do HD brows they do there own Fuschia brows.

The steps included in HD Brows are as follows :

  • Asses your face shape, coloring and natural brows to determine the best brow for you.
  • Tinting brow hairs
  • Waxing both above and below the brow
  • Threading
  • Tweezing
  • Trimming
  • Aftercare (eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in the gaps)

The steps in Fuschia brows are nearly identical but they do not include the threading and the cost is cheaper.

The process takes about 30 minutes and costs 20 euro.

As I was having my eyebrows done, I felt as though there would be nothing left of them when Juliet was finished. I was actually a little afraid, I later found out that she’s just a perfectionist and I had nothing to worry about. I was delighted with my new brow shape. They were a little thicker than I’d usually have them, but that’s what I loved about them. For the aftercare Juliet used a brow wax kit which can be purchased in their store for 15.50 euro

I usually use a waterproof eyebrow corrector, by Make Up For Ever but I loved my new eye brows so much that I bought a brow wax kit. The brow wax kit has a matte brow colour to define and shape the brow area, and a complementing clear wax to keep your brows in place. It comes with a mirror and mini angled brush.

Overall I had a fantastic experience in Fuschia Make Up, The Pavilions SC, Malahide Road, Swords, Co Dublin. They have a new customer for life!

Fuschia Make Up are also based in : Ground floor, Scotch Hall, Drogheda, Co Louth