Hi Readers, this is the last review I have to do on the items I received in a package, in the post a few weeks ago, from a pharmaceutical distributor. I had never used any of the St.Moriz tanning product before receiving them and I have to admit, honestly I’m now a fan. On Saturday I was going to a friends birthday party so I tested out the, St.Moriz Instant Tanning mist, winner of the Cosmopolitan beauty awards 2012.

Picture 7

The Product 

St. Moriz Medium Instant Self Tanning Mist 150ml €5.99, A professional flawless tan for a luxurious golden glow


Step by step guide to perfect tanning.

  1. Shower and exfoliate.
  2. Turn the shower to cold to close the pours.
  3. Dry your body thoroughly.
  4. Moisturise dry areas, knees, elbows, hands, ankles, feet & hairline and allow to dry.
  5. Shake tan well before use.
  6. Spray the tan on to the body and rub into the skin to even out the product.I always use latex gloves. I’m not a fan of tanning mitts, but each to their own. I feel like the mitt absorbs most of the fake tan, so you have a lot of wasted product.
  7. Ensure that no tan is on your hands, where your palm meets your wrist. If so, take a damp cloth and wipe the area clean.
  8. Allow tan to develop for 4-6 hours. I suggest you apply tan before bed and sleep on it.
  9. Shower in the morning.
  10. Moisturise entire body.
  11. As is says on the bottle,  “Then you’re good to glow!”
  12. To achieve a darker look, reapply tanning mist to entire body and again allow to develop for 4-6 hours.


The Verdict

This St.Moriz instant tanning mist is not what I expected at all. When I read the word mist, I don’t know why I thought it would be a transparent mist and take a few hours to develop, even though it said instant!  When I sprayed it on my arm it came out dark, which I was really happy about because it has a colour guide, therefore you can’t miss any spots. I find with transparent mist they somethings come out streaky because you miss areas.

Okay, so it’s not like a spray tan that just needs to be sprayed on to the body, you must rub this in. It doesn’t spray out like a mist, it’s quite wet and drippy and you have to have your mitt or latex gloves at hand to rub the product into your skin to even it out.

I recommend you spray this on in the bathroom as it tends to spray out on the area around you. I stood in the shower while applying it and it was all over the tiles and shower tray. However it wasn’t a problem, as it rinsed off in a few seconds.

Also like the St.Moriz mousse,  I wouldn’t use this as an instant tan. I feel like you have to let the colour develope over night and wash off the excess product because it looks a bit heavy or dirty (as I like to call it).

I love the colour, it’s very natural and the price is very reasonable for a tanning mist or any tan in general. Although, I prefer the St.Moriz Mousse as its easier to control with less mess and less product waste.


When I run out of my fabulous St.Moriz tan supply, I’m definitely going to be buying more for myself in the future. I know they have a few different products that I haven’t tried yet, like the exfoliating body scrub and tanning lotion, so I’ll have to buy them and test them out. It was my friends birthday over the weekend and I bought her the St.Moriz mini bronzing collection €7.99, coincidentally she’s already a fan of the St.Moriz tanning collection and she loves it too, so we had happy bronzed goddesses all round 😀 This is a perfect little christmas pressie for your girlfriends too.

Picture 34

Steffi’s Stars 7/10 I’m deducting 3 stars as it’s not really a mist, it’s a bit messy and it’s not instant, as it takes a few hours to develop properly. On the upside, the colour is very natural and the price is amazing!

You can purchase the St.Moriz tanning collection in Pennys, Primark and all good pharmacies.

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