What I wore to the RDS Craft Exhibition

Warning not your typical “what I wore” fashion blogger post!!

Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve been aiming to do fashion posts. I really want to start fashion blogging properly, like some of the bloggers I follow, Retro Flame, Penny & Polaroids, Leanne Woodfull, Tavi Gevinson and fashion bloggers in general. Unfortunately I don’t have a personal photographer. I’m sure I’m not alone and I’m in the same boat as the majority of bloggers out there in Ireland. I’ve really been putting it on the long finger but I’ve been thinking about these fashion feature posts a lot. My aim for 2014 is to convince a member of my family to take on this roll, as part time photographer and get at least four decent fashion posts up per month and my little selfies here and there and the classic me in the mirror, which always look crap for me, they’re just no the same quality as a propper head on shot!



So yesterday my sisters and I went to the RDS Craft Exhibition and I asked my sister from another mister to take a few photo’s of me. I actually felt very uncomfortable and thought I’d look like an idiot 😡 It’s not the same as being on a night out with the girls, and jumping into every photo you can get your head in!

Exhibit One (pole dancer/look of shock), see I do look like an idiot!


Exhibit Two (I’m a little teapot), see I’m uncomfortable and I can’t pose! It’s going to take a lot of getting used to. It’s not just “Cheese”!


Exhibit three, having all the laughs at myself, because I just feel so awkward. (or is it just cheese?)



As you can see my working with the camera is in need of a bit of work, so my sister had better get brushing up on her photography skills and how to direct her subject! I guess I just need to get used to it, and learn what way to position my body so that the images are flattering on both myself and the clothing items. I want the images to show clearly what it is I’m wearing.


We got really adventurous and even went for a car bonnet pose! To be honest we took about ten photo’s and this really is the best of a bad bunch.


Scarf, H&M


Leather Skirt, River Island



Thigh High Boots, River Island


From top to toe I’m wearing, Kangol, Fedora Hat, T.K.Maxx / Red Dot Jumper, T.K.Maxx / Leather Skirt, River Island / Thigh High Boots, River Island / Faux Fur Coat, Mango / Accessories Topshop & Alex and Ani

I hope you enjoyed my first of many more to come, fashion blog posts. This time next year i’ll be a pro. I just need to convince my sister she’s right for the job!

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