Shutterbug Kilo Sale Dublin

So where do I begin, I should probably tell you how I first heard of Shutterbug! My partners cousin was getting married and the bride’s sister, my partners other cousin of course, wore a stunning vintage, beaded number to the wedding, which she had purchased in “Shutterbug, Kilkenny”. She stood out a mile at the wedding, even my Nanny couldn’t get enough of the photo’s on facebook, the dress was fabulous. She had actually text me, to tell me she had found a fab vintage shop in Kilkenny , that she thought I would love, and LOVE it, I did!

I was in Kilkenny back in October and our hotel was literally next door to Shutterbug, so I had a sneaky peek. I was so tempted to have a good nose, but I was really pushed for time as we were all dressing up for Halloween. If you know me, you’ll know I like to take my time getting ready, and by taking my time I mean 4 hours plus lol 😀 So I had to drag myself out of the Shutterbug and get myself gorified (like gore, as in scary gore).

Picture 55

So when I heard Shutterbug were coming to Dublin for a KILO sale,(Vintage wares are sold by weight, at just €20 per kilo) and just in time for Christmas, I couldn’t believe my luck! I gathered the troops, my sister, my partner and my 3 year old niece, one of Shutterbugs newest and youngest fans! We headed into town and got in the queue for the kilo sale bonanza!



My three year old niece, Kelsey Sunshine.

I’ll try to explain the way it worked.

The Shutterbug Dublin Christmas Event kicked off at 12pm at Block B, Haymarket, Smithfield, Dublin 7. Doors opened at 8am and people were advised to get there early to be at the top of the queue! On arrival, everyone was allocated a ticket first come, “best” section, while tickets lasted. The sections were colour coded as were the tickets, so your ticket colour matched your section. I arrived there at roughly 10:30am, I was given an orange ticket, so I was in the third section. To my knowledge there were four coloured sections and after that it was open to the general public, who had formed a very large queue outside the building. This was not a problem as the sale was from 12 to 7pm and there were plenty of vintage items to restock the rails. I believe all the rails were restocked at 3pm.


Each section from 1-4, was surrounded by barricades, at 12pm the barricades were moved aside giving access to the floor to the first section, when all the people from that section accessed the floor, the following section, section 2 was allowed in and so on so forth. I was in section 3 and it took all of about 60 seconds for me to access the floor.


This is the floor at 12:00


This is the floor at 12:00:20 Roughly 20 seconds after the first barricade was lifted.

While queuing, I didn’t know what to expect? It was all a bit mental! I felt like I was at sports day in school, at the starting line, about to run the egg and spoon, waiting on the Go! My nerves were gone. On a few occasions in the hour leading up to floor access, an organiser from Shutterbug, attempted to explain they way it was going to work , but I was hard to hear and the excitemnet was getting the better of us. So we just went with it, as soon as the barricade was removed from the orange section, which was my section, my sister grabbed the buggy with my 3 year old niece and we made a run for it. My sister and niece, partner, and I split up, it was every man for themselves. The majority of people ran towards the back which was great because I stayed towards the front and there was loads of room to move around. Within about 15 minutes, I had a huge pile of vintage goodies and made my way to the changing room. I was the first one to the changing room, which I was quite delighted with and lo and behold my sister was the second to the changing room, which I thought was hilarious. I expressed this to the staff and they got some amusement out of it too, at least I think they did! My sister walked over with the buggy full of items both my partner and her, had picked out for me. That was their aim, they were there as my helpers, my extra hands. They actually picked a lot of similar items that I had chose for myself. I had loads to choose from.


Second to the changing room, buggy and all.

Here’s a look, at just a few of the item I picked up and happily brought home with me from The Shutterbug Kilo Sale.


Ha ha can anyone spot a pair of glasses and a toe in this photo, they both just caught my eye, lol 😀




I’m a big fan of Kimonos, so when I found these two I hit the jackpot, I love the silk fabric & colours!


I love leather, especially this faux leather & lace fabric skirt. I bought four of these leather midlength skirts, I feel you can never have enough, they’re so versatile. You can dress them up, or just wear them casually with a jumper.  The second I laid eye’s on this, it was coming home with me. My sister actually picked this one too, great minds think alike! The majority of items my partner and sister picked for me were leather items and I ended up buying most of  them, they know me so well!


This was a super find, it’s an oversized cardigan. It was only when I got home and tried it on my BF said “aw that’s cool, Tom & Jerry”, of course I didn’t cop that at all, I just thought it was a pink rat and a cat. I much happier now, knowing it’s Tom & Jerry lol 😀


I’m thinking this is going to be my Christmas day jumper, I love the mix of materials and it’s so snuggly too.


Last but not least, my 3 year old niece Kelsey Sunshine convinced me to buy this. She was in the changing room with me and it was on the floor and she said “try this on next, it’s beautiful”!  When I had it on she said  “will you give it to my Mom?” good choice Kelsey and your Mom can borrow it after I’ve worn it, lol!


I only had 7.5 kilos worth. I did well, it felt like much more. I should have kept rooting. I’ll be able to judge better the next time! It works out each item was just over €8 each. It’s AMAZING, well worth it. I’m already looking forward to the next kilo sale. Even If it means I have to drive to Kilkenny and have a sleep over at the stunning & uber stylish owner Blanaid Hennessy’s house. I’ll be there with my pj’s and without my faux fur hat next time round.

If I could offer some advice, I would suggest that you:

  • Dress lightly, because it can get very hot when you’re running around with a moutain of clothes in your hands, surrounded by 100’s of frantic women & men.
  • Don’t bring a big handbag to carry around with you, I wore a bun bag which was a great decision, if I do say so myself.
  • Don’t wear a fur hat, because you’ll be sweating and when you remove it you’ll have hat hair and have to put it back on, I learned the hard way 😦
  • Get in early, to save you watching from the outside in a panic thinking you won’t get anything, that’s sure to stress anyone out.
  • Take your time. I feel I probably should have taken more time, I grabbed a lot of items in a panic. I should have had more of a nose around. My Blue Ikea bag felt very heavy and I didn’t want to go over my budget so I made my way to the pay point to pay for my vintage goodies all before 1pm. If I could do it again, I’d have rooted a little longer and maybe switched some of my vintage picks and bought more. I also regret not buying some accessories 😦 It was only when I had paid, I found out they had handbags & accessories.
  • Most important, don’t get your knickers in a twist and panic! There’s loads of vintage clothes to go around and you’ll definitely find an item you love, if you take your time and root around.



A word to the wise……


Follow the link to check out Shutterbug for yourself!

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