Jaws Watersports, Marble Hill Beach, Dunfanaghy, County Donegal

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Last weekend my friends and I went on an adventure to Donegal. We ended up on Marble Hill Beach in Dunfanaghy, Letterkenny. We had originally booked to go surfing with Jaws Watersports but there were no waves. Donald from Jaws Watersports suggested something different, kayaking and cliff diving, as soon as I heard the word cliff diving I was very interested!


Jaws Watersports The Square, Dunfanaghy, Letterkenny





We collected our wet suits and then made our way down to the beach where we were greeted by Alex our guide for the day. Alex was so cool, he’s been living in Donegal for the past five years, he’s originally from the Lake District in England. He came to Ireland five years ago for a holiday and ended up staying, since then his Mom and Dad have moved over too. He’s heading off to Australia in the next few month to…

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