The Cleanse Off Mitt – It Works!

Hello everyone!

I attended the launch of a new blow dry bar “Shauna Spain Hair Styling” on Swords main street last night (I’ll get a post up soon). At the launch we were all given goodie bags, in which, one of the items we received was a “Cleanse Off Mitt”. I had heard of the mitts before, but I had never used one. I gave it a go for the first time last night. I posted a few photo’s to my instagram and a few of you wanted to know what this Mitt was all about, so as promised here’s a little blog post to get you in the loop!

Cleanse off mitt

What is the Cleanse Off Mitt and how does it work? 

The Cleanse Off Mitt quickly removes all make up naturally, including mascara. They are made of specially knitted microfibre, creating a hydro mechanical process which breaks the surface tension of the oils which bond make up products to the skin.

  • For all skin types
  • Kind to skin
  • Chemical free
  • Reusable

Cleanse Off Mitt Review

 How to use your Cleanse Off Mitt?

Place your hand into the mitt and saturate with water. Use as you would a facecloth.

Care instructions.

Wash in warm water with hand soap, rinse and dry. Alternatively, turn the mitt inside out and machine wash under 60°C.

Cleanse off mitt

My views on the Cleanse Off Mitt.

First things first, it works! My make up all came away easily. There’s no cleanser needed, just water. I was a bit skeptical about it working without the use of any products, but it does.

The mitt did get very dirty after I used it, I tried to wash it off with warm water ( I forgot to add the soap) last night but the mitt was still a bit dirty as you can see above. As I mentioned, I didn’t use soap on it, so it may have come off if I had. I’ll be putting it in the machine every few days just to ensure it’s cleaned thoroughly.

It’s a great alternative to baby wipes/ face wipes which can be harmful to your skin and also dry out your skin.

Buy here

If you’ve used the Cleanse Off Mitt before let me know your views.

Thank you for reading! XX

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