T.k.Maxx Shopping Haul

Hello fellow T.K.Maxx addicts,

I wouldn’t be lying if I said, I shop in t.k.maxx at least once a week and I have the receipts to prove it! I really think I deserve a loyalty card at this stage, I’d have thousands of points. I’ve been addicted to t.k.maxx ever since it opened in Swords, Pavilion, before that I’d venture into St.Stephens Green, Dublin city, to get my t.k.maxx fix, but not on a very regular basis. I have found some of my favorite pieces of furniture and clothing in the Blanchardstown & Swords branch. I have yet to win the €1000 in their daily prize draw, but i’ll keep entering, in life I have found that persistence pays off and my chances are good.


I popped into T.K.Maxx yesterday for a browse, two hours later I left with four bags full of fantastic finds. I just can’t help myself when I walk through the doors, it’s my weakness. Not everyone has the patients to rummage through every rack in search of that perfect unusual item, but I do! I’d spend all day in there rooting through everything. Here’s a look at a few of the items that happily came home with me.





Office items from the home section €16.99 each




Shirt with leather effect collar and cuffs, Miss Jolie, London €14.99



Shoe tin €6

I didn’t even know I “needed” one of these until I came across it, in the Home Clearance section for only €6. Prior to this I had all my shoe cleaning products in a plastic freezer bag.


Dolly Skirt, Sweewe Paris, €6.00

This little dolly skirt is perfect for the festive season, it was €19.99 but I got it for €6.00 in the, young fashion clearance section. They also had them in silver, I wish I had bought the two. I might just have to pop back in tomorrow, to pick it up.





Blue Vase, Cushion €22.99

Old Television, Cushion €16.99




Black Fedora Hat, Kangol €19.99 (the photo’s don’t do her justice)

This is my Favorite find in my shopping haul, and she nearly didn’t make her way home with me!

When I got to the till, emptied my basket and checked my head, it was missing!! I was so disappointed because I was so happy with it and I had been wearing it around the shop, loving it, ( I don’t know how it fell off my head)? A member of staff and I had to search the shop for it. The staff member (I didn’t get her name 😦 tut tut) found it, in the home section on an artificial plant. Somebody must have picked it up after me and placed it there. I was actually delighted when she brought it to me, wihoooo 😀




Jewellery Stand, €4

Okay this is my Star Buy! I found this little treasure in the, Home Clearance section for only €4.00, WOW! It was originally €9.99 still a great price for this item. It’s missing one of the crystals at the end, on the right side, but I’m sure I’ll find something to replace it with. Sure you can hardly notice it for the time being. How could you pass it for the sake of €4, BARGAIN ALERT! This is why I love t.k.maxx, I always find a star buy.

Find your local T.K.Maxx here:


Happy Shopping,

Stephanie XX